weitere Bestimmungen - Kompaktsystem (Schwefelige Säure)

Sulfuric acids

Determination of SO2 in food, especially grain. By adding hydrochloric acid, the SO2 is moved out of the sample and absorbed in the behrotest absorption vessel perhydrole (H2O2). H2O2 is boiled and the solution titrated.

Available product variants:
weitere Bestimmungen - Kompaktsystem (Wassergehalt)

Water content

Function: The determination takes place through azeotropic distillation. For this, various sample materials xylene or toluene is added. In the vaporous phases the solvent binds with the water and after condensation, the water is separated from the solvent in a measuring tube.

Available product variants:
weitere Bestimmungen - Wasserdampferzeuger (Alkohol)


Flexible distillation device that is ready for operation after no more than 30 seconds.

Available product variants:
weitere Bestimmungen - Wasserdampfdestilliergerät (Alkohol/flüchtige Säuren)

Alcohol / volatile acids

There are two devices that can be used for the determination of alcohol: D1 & D2, whereby distillation for D1 takes place in the pycnometer and distillation for the D2 in the Erlenmeyer flask.

Available product variants:
weitere Bestimmungen - Ätherische Öle

Essential oils

The content determination of essential oils takes place in the behrotest devices by means of steam distillation.

The distillate is collected in the measurement tube, which contains xylol. The water is automatically returned to the distillation flask.

Available product variants: