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Chemical determination - Compact system (Arsenic determination)
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Environmental analysis

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Sample material

Waste waterWater

Arsenic determination

Digestion equipment for the decomposition of organically bound arsenic compounds (sample preparation) in acc. with EN ISO 11969.

Complete equipment incl. heating unit with thermostat control, glass set, rack, dispenser stand and special holder and connection hose.

Chemical determination - Compact system (Arsenic determination) - KAS [B00217730]
Item number B00217730
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 23.00
Depth (in cm) 33.00
Height (in cm) 80.00
Weight (in kg) 7.50
Power consumption (in W) 450
Current consumption (in A) 3/6

behrotest® - Compact devices

  • Easy to handle - All devices are mounted to a stand, ready to use and with all hoses installed. No bothersome handling of bars, clamps and the like.
  • Analytical reliability - All components comply with the respectively applicable official standard.
  • Practical sizes - space-saving storage.
  • Environmental analysis

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KAS Compact system for arsenic determination