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behrotest homogenizer

for pretreatment, splitting and homogenization of heterogeneous water samples

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Sampling bottles with PTFE closure

The sample only comes into contact with glass and PTFE

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Sampling - Transport container

Transport container

Generally only few examinations can be performed directly at the site of sampling. This is why the transport of samples to the laboratory frequently follows sampling. During transport, the samples should be stored cool and protected from light if possible, in order to prevent strong biochemical degradation. behrtest transport containers with matching connection for DIN sample bottles ensure the largest degree of safety.

- Adjustment bars ensure a stable stand and the reciprocal temperature insulation of the sample bottles.

- Insulated sample transport containers with cooling element in the lid provide protection against high outdoor temperatures.

Transport containers with standard sizes are optimally suited for any storage of the samples up to the final analysis.

Available product variants:
Sampling - Homogenizing device (Homogenizer)


Homogenizing device for the pretreatment, separation and homogenization of heterogeneous water samples in compliance with AQS standards of the Working Group of the Federal States for Quality Assurance and Control for Waste Water Examinations.

The homogenizing vessels are protected in the rack against damage and can be simply carried by two handles. They can be filled at the sampling site with a flattened drain insert. Capacity of 2....25 l make it possible to remove and collect several samples. A scale is used to determine the exact measurement of the sample quantities.

In the laboratory of the sampling vehicle, the transport rack is then later placed on the base plate with magnetic stirrer and the homogenization process can start right away. The speed of the magnetic stirrer can be adjusted by means of a regulator. This prevents the ingress of oxygen in the sample. Metered removal of the homogenized sample via PTFE spindle cock.

With the voltage transformer SW12, the homogenizers QMR 5 – QMR 25 can also be operated with a car battery (12 V). The homogenizer QMR2 is equipped for operation with 12 V and is either available for the connection to a car battery or a rechargeable battery (QMR2/AKU).

With the main power converter SW220, it can be direct connected to the power supply.

Available product variants:
Sampling - Water through-flow measurement cell (Aquabox)


The water through-flow measurement cell behrotest® AQUABOX is ideal for the proper and professional determination of field parameters during the removal of ground and waste water samples.

Available product variants: