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behrotest® devices for crude fiber: Comfort Line

Optimally suited for:

  • total crude fiber determination (part of the Weende feed analysis as performed in Europe)
  • Neutral detergent fiber determination and acid detergent fiber determination (NDF and ADF fiber fractioning according to Peter J. van Soest)
  • Acid detergent lignin determination (ADL according to Soest)
  • Various components of fibers (cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin)
Comfort Line (semiautomatic) - Analysis unit (Crude fiber extraction complete units)

Crude fiber extraction complete units

Digestion devices with 4 or 6 sample positions

Available product variants:
Comfort Line (semiautomatic) - Cold extraction unit (Cold extraction complete unit)

Cold extraction complete unit

Extraction units for cold digestion

Available product variants: