behr PI 12

Chemical determination - Complete system (Determination of permanganate index)
Areas of use

Environmental analysis - especially waste water & water

Parameter to be analyzed

Permanganate index

Sample material

Drinking and raw waterWell and table waterWater of swimming pools and baths

Workstation for the determination of permanganate index

The workstation behrotest® PI 12 is used to determine the permanganate index in water according to DIN EN ISO 8467. Thus, especially drinking and raw water, as well as source and surface water is assessed. The method is suitable for the waters with a chloride concentration of less than 300 mg/L

  • The complete workstation for 12 sample places consists of:
  • Micro-processor-controlled time and temperature control device TRS 300
  • Precision heating block for reaction vessels RG 2
  • E/B insert and yoke type frame for reaction vessels RG2
  • Serial magnetic stirrer SM 12/N for insert / yoke-type frame E 12/B
  • Reaction vessels RG 2
  • Magnetic stirrer set MRST 2, 12 piece
  • Boiling stones SIST 100, content 100 g
  • Transport stand for insert / yoke-style frame E 12/B
  • Manual titration station HTI 1

  Chemical determination - Complete system (Determination of permanganate index) - PI 12 [B00707767]
PI 12
Item number B00707767
Packaging quantity 1
Controller Nein
Sample positions 12

Permanganate index - complete system

The analysis takes place from sample preparation up to titration in the behrotest reaction vessel RG2.

Reaction vessels RG2

behr reaction vessels are precisely adapted to the dimensions of the heating block and ensure an optimum transfer of heat.

The reaction vessel GR2 with flat bottom ensure optimum mixture on the magnetic stirrer during cooling and titration.

Serial magnetic stirrer SM 12/N

The behr system has the serial magnetic stirrer SM 12 / N with an external controller, this is the only way to optimally ensure the dosing of the sulfuric acid before heating and before titration.

  • Environmental analysis - especially waste water & water

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PI 12 behrotest workstation for determination of permanganate index, 12 samples, complete


Kjeldahl - Dispenser (DOS) - DOS 50 [B00217810]

DOS 50

behrotest dispenser for dosing H2SO4, 5-50 ml adjustable
Kjeldahl - Weighing paper (WP) - WP [B00441136]


Weighing paper, pad with 250 sheet, 95 x 110 mm
Chemische Bestimmungen - Reaction vessel (RG_) - RG 2 [B00217863]

RG 2

Reaction vessel with vessel adapter, NS 29 and 100 ml marking
Extraktion - Boiling stones (SIST) - SIST 100 [B00217914]

SIST 100

Boiling stones, 100 g
Chemische Bestimmungen - sleeves (PTFE) - PTFE 29 [B00217905]


PTFE sleeves RG 2, SR 2 and SR 2 Q, set of 12 pieces
Chemische Bestimmungen - Magnetic stirrer rods (MRST) - MRST 2 [B00217915]


Magnetic stirrer rod set with 12 pieces for RG
Chemische Bestimmungen - LGF 2000 - LGF 2000 [B00225419]

LGF 2000

Laboratory bottle, ISO thread, 2000 ml with graduation, for manual titration station HTI / STI