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Crude fiber - Muffle furnace (Muffle furnace)
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behrotest® Muffle Furnace

For daily use in the laboratory behrotest® muffle furnace MO 8 is the right choice for heat treatment of different materials such as filter crucibles for the determination of the crude fibre content. The modern design, the excellent workmanship and a high degree of reliability characterizes this universal muffle furnace.

  • Maximum temperature in the oven chamber up to 1100 ° C
  • Temperature stability at 500 °C: +/- 10°C
  • Chamber volume of 8 Liters (Inner Diameter H x B x T in cm: 19.5 x 31.0 x 13.5 )
  • Heating elements are embedded on four sides of the chamber in vacuum-formed fiber insulation
  • The door opens upwards
  • Housing manufactured from stainless steel
  • Optional: behrotest crucible rack with removable handle for 6 filter crucibles

Crude fiber - Muffle furnace (Muffle furnace) - MO 8 [B00696792]
MO 8
Item number B00696792
Width (in cm) 66.00
Depth (in cm) 49.50
Height (in cm) 44.50
Controller ✓ Ja
Adjustment Temperaturregelung
Frequency (in Hz) 50
Power consumption (in W) 1800
Current consumption (in A) 8
Temperature range max. (in °C) 1100
  • Controller mounted in side space, space saving under the door
  • Speed heating time
  • Protection against overheating
  • Low energy consumption
  • Exemplary safety and reliability
  • Food analysis
  • Feed analysis
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MO 8 behrotest muffle furnace


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