behr SEB 32 R

Elution equipment - Column elution unit (Soil samples)
Areas of use

Environmental analysis

Parameter to be analyzed

Sample material

Column elution unit behrotest® for the elution of soil samples

Whether soil samples or solids, the elution equipment from behr is variable in use thanks to the various quality glass columns that can be used.

No matter whether they have to be conical or not.

behr offers suitable solutions for various analysis procedures.

Column elution unit in acc. with LUA recommendation with 4-channel hose pump with adjustable speed.

Quartz sand behrotest® : for column elution, grain diameter 1 to 2 mm in acc. with DIN V 19736, bottle with 1000 g

Quartz wool behrotest® : for column elution unit, bag with 100 g

  • with structure stand
  • Adjustable 4-channel hose pump with fixed speed
  • Supply container, 20 l
  • 4 elution columns, inner diameter 6 cm, 32 cm long, with 2 screws (GL 45, with Teflon inserts) for easy filling of columns
  • 4 collection bottles for the column eluate, 2 l, with screw (GL 45) and vent
  • Supply tube made of TYGON and PVC, with non-return valve in the column
  • Teflon lines between the columns and collection containers
  • Flowrate 0.003 to 35 ml/min
  • Speed range 2 to 100 min-1
  • Simultaneous adjustment with 4 channels

  Elution equipment - Column elution unit (Soil samples) - SEB 32 R [B00218541]
SEB 32 R
Item number B00218541
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 55.00
Depth (in cm) 40.00
Height (in cm) 100.00
Weight (in kg) 22.00
Controller Nein
Sample positions 4
  • Space-saving behrotest Compact device
  • Perfect sizes for any lab table
  • Easy handling
  • Simple operation of the behrotest hose pump and column connections
  • Exact analysis
  • Quality components by behr (quartz wool, glass columns, quartz sand) as well as a reliable continuous flow rates of the behrotest hose pump guarantee a precise elution
  • Environmental analysis
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SEB 32 R behrotest® column elution unit LUA leaflet 20, for soil samples in disturbed storage adjustable hose pump


QS, Quarzsand

Quartz sand for column elution unit

QW, Quarzwatte

Glass wool for column elution unit