behr FBA

Fluorid-Bestimmung - Distillation unit (Fluoride determination)
Areas of use

Environmental analysisEnvironmental analysis - especially waste water & waterPharmaceuticals industry

Parameter to be analyzed


Sample material

Waste water

behrotest® distillation system for the determination of the inorganically bound total fluoride

  • In inorganically highly contaminated waste water with a fluoride-ion concentration of more than 0.2 mg/l, the determination of the inorganically bound total fluoride takes place after digestion and distillation
  • The behrotest® distillation unit combines all components necessary for distillation on one stable lab stand
  • With its heating control, the unit is also suitable for larger analysis series
  • Specifically, it consists of:
  • Distillation equipment made of borosilicate glass for steam-acid distillation, contact thermometer, heating hoods for distillation and measurement flasks

Fluorid-Bestimmung - Distillation unit (Fluoride determination) - FBA [B00669826]
Item number B00669826
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 40.00
Depth (in cm) 55.00
Height (in cm) 100.00
Weight (in kg) 16.00
Particularities Power consumption heating hood max. 250 W, power consumption steam generator 400 W
Ambient temperature (in °C) 5 to 40
Lab relay Status display LED 2 device fuses T 10 L 250 V Connectable power max. 2200 W
  • Practical compact equipment
  • Solid non-corrosive powder-coated rack
  • behrotest quality glass
  • the behrotest magnetic stirrer with heating unit has a precision temperature sensor
  • Environmental analysis
  • Environmental analysis - especially waste water & water
  • Pharmaceuticals industry

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FBA behrotest distillation unit for the determination of inorganically bound total fluoride complete, DIN/DEV 38405 D4-2