behr D 1, D 2

Further determinations - Steam distillation unit (Alcohol / volatile acids)
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Beverage industry

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Steam distillation units

Devices for the determination of alcohol and the determination of volatile acids in wine and other alcoholic beverages. Complete glassware set, with measuring flask and pycnometer. behr D 1 and D 2 are particularly suitable for high sample volume due to their speed.

The included Windows software lets the user transfer application-specific distillation parameters via the RS232 interface bidirectionally between one or more devices and a PC. A library with standard applications is already included on the CD. Via the RS232 interface operating data can also be transferred from the device to the PC during operation. If needed, the user can save the data and print them out as a graph.

  • Alcohol
  • Organic acids
  • The fermentation process in beer
  • Ammonium chloride in liquorice products

  Further determinations - Steam distillation unit (Alcohol / volatile acids) - D 1 [B00218039] Further determinations - Steam distillation unit (Alcohol / volatile acids) - D 2 [B00218040]
D 1 D 2
Item number B00218039 B00218040
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 41.00
Depth (in cm) 41.00
Height (in cm) 67.50
Weight (in kg) 32.00
Controller Nein
Power consumption (in W) 1700
Current consumption (in A) 18
Cooling water consumption (in l/min) 5
Capacity (in ml) 250.00 500.00
Flask size (in ml) 250 500
Supply container any size, recommended: behrotest® can set

Safe and high-performance steam distillation units

  • Door contact safety switch that is automatically triggered in the event of overload or short circuit
  • Mechanical overpressure safety valve against excessive pressure in the steam generator
  • Vessel monitoring (no distillation possible if no vessel has been inserted)
  • Door contact switch that automatically deactivates the distillation unit if the door is open
  • Resettable overtemperature thermostat (in the case of water shortage in the steam generator)
  • Cooling circuit monitoring by means of pressure switch
  • Temperature-regulated steam heating phase and pressure control via solenoid valve

behr steam distillation units are not just high performance units and reliable partners in your daily laboratory routine. An essential factor in the development and design of the devices was also the safety of the user

  • Beverage industry
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D 1 Steam distillation device for the determination of alcohol, distillation in a pycnometer
D 2 Steam distillation device for the determination of organic acids, distillation in an Erlenmeyer flask 500 ml