behr K 8 B

Kjeldahl block digestion systems - Digestion device for 400 ml vessels (K-Block makro)
Areas of use

Food analysisBeverage industryFeed analysisAgricultural industryEnvironmental analysisCosmetics industryPharmaceuticals industry

Parameter to be analyzed


Sample material

Waste waterAshBaked goodsBeerSoilsDieselFertilizing agentFish and fish productsMeat and meat productsGrain and mill productsSpicesSludgeCompostPlasticsMaltNutrition

Block digestion systems with high-quality non-corrosive block casing made of stainless steel.

With 8 sample positions for macro Kjeldahl digestion vessels with a volume of 400 ml. High-performance heating and extraction hood with exhaust collector. Complete system with digestion vessels, frame and extraction hood.

  • behr one-button operation for extremely easy and quick programming
  • Menu navigation in country language
  • 25 freely configurable programs for block temperature and digestion time
  • Storeable applications
  • USB interface
  • The progress of the digestion can be observed via the removable viewing door on the insert rack

  Kjeldahl block digestion systems - Digestion device for 400 ml vessels (K-Block makro) - K 8 B [B00632830]
K 8 B
Item number B00632830
Width (in cm) 48.00
Depth (in cm) 51.00
Height (in cm) 76.50
Weight (in kg) 32.00
Power consumption (in W) 2200
Current consumption (in A) 10
Programs 10
Sample positions 8
Temperature range max. (in °C) 430
Digestion vessel size (in ml) 400
  • Simple and fast programming
  • Non-corrosive casing
  • Various sample quantities
  • Removable viewing door
  • Large sample volumes

behrotest® standard digestion vessels have standard sizes. This means that they fit in digestion and distillation devices of most manufacturers. It also means that standard digestion vessels of most manufacturers also fit in our behrotest® steam distillation units.

  • Food analysis
  • Beverage industry
  • Feed analysis
  • Agricultural industry
  • Environmental analysis
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
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K 8 B Kjeldahl block digestion system with 8 sample positions for digestion vessels with a volume of 400 ml


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