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Kjeldahl complete systems - Basic Kjeldahl workstation (Basic)
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Parameter to be analyzed

Sample material

Basic configuration for Kjeldahl digestion and distillation: Workstations type ASB

Digestion units for 6 samples (infrared: InKjel 625 M) simultaneously

Complete system with digestion vessels, frame and extraction hood.

  • High-performance heating and extraction hood with exhaust collector
  • behr one-button operation for extremely easy and quick programming
  • Menu navigation in country language
  • Storeable applications

  Kjeldahl complete systems - Basic Kjeldahl workstation (Basic) - ASB-IR [B00637679]
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Basic high-performance configuration

Particularly simple and fast programming

InKjel 625 M

The price-effective solution among the infrared units

Rapid sample heating by means of direct heating via the infrared heater.

High-quality quartz heaters instead of the common steel-tube heater ensure particularly homogeneous heating at all sample positions.

The glass digestion vessels are suspended in the rack and are not deposited at the bottom of the digestion unit. Therefore the digestion units are less susceptible to breakage than in an aluminum heating block.

Various application possibilities: Rack for reaction vessels with 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml.

With 500 ml and 750 ml vessels also suitable for nitrogen determination in water analysis.

Easy conversion for various vessel sizes through the exchange of rack and fume extraction unit.

Easy to operate.

Very effective price/performance relationship.

Infrared digestions compared with block digestion

Particularly homogeneous heating of samples with lateral heaters, so there are no zones with different temperatures. Hardly any boiling delays. Heating of samples from below, therefore higher requirements for the user for avoiding boiling delays.


Safe and high-performance steam distillation units

behr steam distillation units are not just high performance units and reliable partners in your daily laboratory routine. An essential factor in the development and design of the devices was also the safety of the user

Door contact safety switch that is automatically triggered in the event of overload or short circuit

Mechanical overpressure safety valve against excessive pressure in the steam generator

Vessel monitoring (no distillation possible if no vessel has been inserted)

Door contact switch that automatically deactivates the distillation unit if the door is open

Resettable overtemperature thermostat (in the case of water shortage in the steam generator)

Cooling circuit monitoring by means of pressure switch

Temperature-regulated steam heating phase and pressure control via solenoid valve

Adapter for use with various digestion vessels

Our practical adapter ensures that you can also use digestions vessels in our behrotest® steam distillation device from other manufacturers that deviate from standard sizes.

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ASB-IR Kjeldahl Basic - Basic configuration for Kjeldahl digestion and distillation: