behr TRO 30 PP

Solids - Elution unit (Prepared road construction waste)
Areas of use

Environmental analysis

Parameter to be analyzed

Sample material

Elution of PAH and phenols

The trough procedure is a special variant of the eluat test in acc. with DIN/DEV 38414 - S 4. For example, LAGA (Working Group of the Federal States for Waste) prescribes analytical examinations on the solidified sample object in the trough test in its technical rules for the requirements for recycling mineral residues/wastes. The aim of the examination is the determination of elutriation of PAH and phenols in prepared road construction waste.

Application areas of the trough test are very general

The examination material is in a sieve insert and is leached in a trough. Unlike elution in accordance with DEV S 4, in the case of the trough procedure, no mechanical load is placed on the examination material as a magnetic stirrer ensures movement of the liquid.

Compliant, user friendly and high performing: Elution in accordance with the trough procedure with behrotest® device TRO 30

Concept and material of the behrotest® TRO 30 rule out the ingress of undesired external substances into the eluate and ensure reliable and exact analysis results.

The behrotest® device TRO 30 for elution in the trough test was developed in collaboration with the Working Group elution for mineral substances. Specifically, the equipment has the following characteristics:

  • The elution of solidified samples with a weight of up to approx. 2.5 kg
  • The analysis of unbound samples up to a grain size of max. 33 mm.
  • The trough with lid is made of borosilicate glass 3.3 and has a content of 30 l. The elution remove is done by means of a spindle stopcock.
  • A stable frame made of powder-coated steel plate for a firm stand and precision centering of the trough above the magnetic stirrer.
  • The magnetic stirrer is generously sized for the stirring quantity of 30 l. Its speed is infinitely adjustable.
  • A special glass rack with filter insert made of fluoroplastic ensures the thorough and even rinsing of the examination object with de-ionized water.

  Solids - Elution unit (Prepared road construction waste) - TRO 30 PP [B00218513]
Item number B00218513
Packaging quantity 1
Weight (in kg) 2.50
Controller Nein
Sample positions 1
Capacity (in ml) 30,000.00
Column size (in ml) 30000
  • Continuous even mixture of the sample
  • behrotest magnetic stirrer: the specially produced magnetic stirrer guarantees and even mixture in the behrotest TRO container
  • Protection of sample against contamination with hinged lid
  • behrotest drain tap for easy sample removal
  • Environmental analysis
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TRO 30 PP Equipment with magnetic stirrer for the examination of PAH and phenols in prepared road construction waste.