behr S 5

Steam distillation units - Fully automatic steam distillation device (S 5)
Areas of use

Food analysisBeverage industryFeed analysisAgricultural industryEnvironmental analysisCosmetics industryPharmaceuticals industry

Parameter to be analyzed

AmmoniumNitrate / NitriteProteinNitrogen

Sample material

Waste waterAshBaked goodsConstruction additivesBeerSoilsDieselFertilizing agentFertilizerExtractsFish and fish productsMeat and meat productsFlue ashFeed and raw materialsGrain and mill productsSpicesHair dyeSludgeCompostPlasticsMaltNutritionCement

Steam distillation unit with automatic addition of NaOH, H2O and H3BO3

Steam distiller S 5 with automatic addition of NaOH, H2O and H3BO3, with automatic extraction of the sample residues, with 99 programs and a connection option for external titrator (e.g. TB 2)

What all behr steam distillation units have in common:

  • Performance capacity and speed
  • Practical and user friendly
  • Exemplary safety and reliability
  • Robust and insensitive casing made of polyurethane
  • Practical quick clamping device which the user can operate even "with his eyes closed"
  • Extremely simple, menu-controlled operation of the programmable units via
  • one single operating element (behr one-button operation).
  • Menu navigation in country language
  • Models S 2 to S 5 have a separate rinsing program
  • Steam generating capacity of the models S 2 to S 5 adjustable from 10 % - 100 %

  Steam distillation units - Fully automatic steam distillation device (S 5) - S 5 [B00218034]
S 5
Item number B00218034
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 42.00
Depth (in cm) 34.50
Height (in cm) 70.00
Weight (in kg) 29.00
Controller Nein
Power consumption (in W) 1700
Current consumption (in A) 9
Programs 99
Cooling water consumption (in l/min) 5
max. distillation time (in min/sample) approx. 2-4 min. per sample
Supply container any size; recommended: behrotest® canister set KAS

Safe and high-performance steam distillation units

  • Door contact safety switch that is automatically triggered in the event of overload or short circuit
  • Mechanical overpressure safety valve against excessive pressure in the steam generator
  • Vessel monitoring (no distillation possible if no vessel has been inserted)
  • Door contact switch that automatically deactivates the distillation unit if the door is open
  • Resettable overtemperature thermostat (in the case of water shortage in the steam generator)
  • Cooling circuit monitoring by means of pressure switch
  • Temperature-regulated steam heating phase and pressure control via solenoid valve

behr steam distillation units are not just high performance units and reliable partners in your daily laboratory routine. An essential factor in the development and design of the devices was also the safety of the user.

Adapter for use with various digestion vessels

Our practical adapter ensures that you can also use digestions vessels in our behrotest® steam distillation device from other manufacturers that deviate from standard sizes.

Maintenance-friendly design

Doors on the rear side can be easily opened without the use of tools and provide access to routine maintenance work. All essential hoses, valves and pumps, etc. for service and maintenance work are freely accessible.


A screen serves as a neutral background and allows the user to determine the color change at the end of the titration precisely. This way, titration will always be carried out under similar visual conditions. This improves the precision and the reproducibility of results.

The precise positioning of the reaction vessels in the holder on the top of the magnetic stirrer also contributes to this. The angled wing of the screen protects against lateral dazzling light.

  • Food analysis
  • Beverage industry
  • Feed analysis
  • Agricultural industry
  • Environmental analysis
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
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S 5 Steam distillation device, fully automatic, prepared for an external titrator (e.g. TB 2)


Kjeldahl - Canister set (KAS) - KAS 40 [B00218043]

KAS 40

Canister set for S 4 and S 5, consisting of 4 canisters, 20 l each, incl. float switch
Kjeldahl - Module (TB 2) - TB 2 [B00645403]

TB 2

Titration module for connection to the steam distillation device S 5, with Kjeldahl method and evaluation, printer upon request