behr KEX 100T

Twisselmann Extraction - Compact system (Single point)
Areas of use

Food analysisOil & fat analysisFeed analysisAgricultural industryEnvironmental analysisChemicals & plastics industryCosmetics industryPharmaceuticals industryR&D laboratories

Parameter to be analyzed

Extract contentFatFree fatOil and fatOil contentResidual resinResidual oil contentBound fatNon fatCaffeineTeinFiber

Sample material

BeansFish and fish productsMeat and meat productsFeedFeed and raw materialsCoffeeCocoa and cocoa productsLiverAlmondsMarzipanMilk and milk productsNutritionOilseedsOlivesMustard seedsMustard seedSweetsTeaCellulose

Single extraction unit hot extraction according to Twisselmann

Twisselmann Extraction - Compact system (Single point)

Extraction according to Twisselmann is a continuous hot extraction. It functions similar to Soxhlet extraction. However the temperature in the Twisselmann extractor is very hot in the sample, i.e. close to the boiling point of the solvent. This improves solubility and shortens the extraction time.

The higher extraction temperature is due to the fact that the condensed solvent flows from above and the ascending hot solvent vapor flows from below through the extraction sleeve simultaneously and mix there. The temperature of this mixture is far higher than the temperature of the condensed solvent.

Compared to Soxhlet extraction, the extraction time with Twisselmann extraction is reduced by up to 50%.

  Twisselmann Extraction - Compact system (Single point) - KEX 100T [B00217734]
KEX 100T
Item number B00217734
Packaging quantity 1
Controller Nein
Power consumption (in W) 450
Current consumption (in A) 3
Sample positions 1
Capacity (in ml) 250.00
Flask size (in ml) 250
Extractor size (in ml) 100
  • Power is individually adjustable for each sample position
  • Cooling water distribution ensures even cooling at all sample positions
  • Practical stand for holding condensers securely between hot extractions
  • Holders for secure fixation of extraction adapters after removal of the sample vessels

Complete single extraction unit with rack, heating device, holder, hoses

and glassware (reaction flasks, extractor, Dimroth condenser for extraction),

in addition, a sample package of extraction sleeves and boiling stones.

Price effective and user-friendly devices for hot extraction in accordance with Twisselmann

  • Food analysis
  • Oil & fat analysis
  • Feed analysis
  • Agricultural industry
  • Environmental analysis
  • Chemicals & plastics industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • R&D laboratories
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KEX 100T Compact system for the 100 ml hot extraction according to Twisselmann


Extraktion - Extractor (EZT) - EZT [B00217978]


Extractor, 100 ml, for Twisselmann extractors
Extraktion - Reflux condenser (RFKT) - RFKT [B00217979]


Condenser for 100 ml Twisselmann extractors
Chemische Bestimmungen - sleeves (PTFE) - PTFE 45 [B00217909]


PTFE sleeve for 100 ml and 250 ml extractors
Extraktion - Extraction sleeves (EX HS) - EX 100 HS [B00600442]

EX 100 HS

for EZ 100 (EZ 100/H), package with 25 pieces
Extraktion - Sleeve stand (RIP) - RIP 4 [B00602349]


for 4 extraction sleeves up to ø 38 mm
Extraktion - Sleeve stand (RIP) - RIP 6 [B00602350]


for 6 extraction sleeves up to ø 38 mm
Extraktion - Round flask (RK) - RK 250 [B00218499]

RK 250

Round-bottomed flask 250 ml, for 60 ml and 100 ml extraction, (NS 29/32)
Extraktion - Flat bottom flask (FB) - FB 70/250 [B00693984]

FB 70/250

Flat-bottomed flask 250 ml, for 100 ml extraction
Other laboratory instruments - Monitoring unit (Cooling water monitor) - WD 30 [B00645358]

WD 30

Monitoring unit with two flow sensors and solenoid valve, as well as cables to connect it to the controller (1.5 m)
Rückflussdestillation - Drip trays (AWR) - AWR [B00660644]


behrotest collection trough made of stainless steel for serial heating unit