Kjeldahl Neutralisierer - behr Labor (EN)

Kjeldahl neutralizer

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For the Behr digestion equipment (K-Blocks & Inkjel Apparatus), extraction systems for the acid fumes are a necessity. A distinction is made between a simple water jet pump / SIMVAC and the behrosog 3 exhaust system & neutralizer.

The behrosog 3 does not need a water connection but a power connection and can be used for all digestion blocks; the SIMVAC can be used here for a maximum of 8 samples.

Kjeldahl Neutralizer - Process extraction system (behrosog 3 Neutralizer)

behrosog 3 Neutralizer

The two-level behrosog process extraction system (neutralizer) – pre-separator plus safety level – keeps all acid vapors entirely away from the environment.

Available product variants:
Kjeldahl Neutralizer - Extraction system (SIMVAC)


Available product variants: