behr behrosog 3

Kjeldahl Neutralizer - Process extraction system (behrosog 3 Neutralizer)
Areas of use

Food analysisBeverage industryFeed analysisAgricultural industryEnvironmental analysisChemicals & plastics industryCosmetics industryPharmaceuticals industry

Parameter to be analyzed


Sample material

Waste waterAshBaked goodsBeerSoilsDieselFertilizing agentFish and fish productsMeat and meat productsFeed and raw materialsGrain and mill productsSpicesSludgeCompostPlasticsMaltMilk and milk productsNutrition

behrosog neutralizer

The two-level behrosog process extraction system (neutralizer) – pre-separator plus safety level – keeps all acid vapors entirely away from the environment. Compact process extraction system for extracting and neutralizing aggressive acid vapors, especially from the Kjeldahl digestion for nitrogen determination. An upstream two-level pre-separator washes the toxic substance out. The process extraction system is equipped with a vacuum pump 40 l/min. There is entirely no need for a connection to the water supply.

Optionally, the additional cooling system ACS for behrosog 3, consisting of stand, bottle and cooler, can be connected to the system.

  • Efficient operating costs
  • Infinitely regulated extraction through-flow
  • Both cleaning levels (condensation and neutralization level) prevent the emission of toxic substances into the environment

  Kjeldahl Neutralizer - Process extraction system (behrosog 3 Neutralizer) - behrosog 3 [B00217925]
behrosog 3
Item number B00217925
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 38.00
Depth (in cm) 34.00
Height (in cm) 40.00
Weight (in kg) 21.50
Power consumption (in W) 80
Current consumption (in A) 8
Pump conveyor performance max. 40 l/ min without counterpressure

Efficient extraction system

  • extremely environmental friendly
  • No connection to water supply needed
  • infinite regulation of air flow quantity 16 ... 40 l/min
  • easy exchange of liquids through simply emptying of glass vessels
  • PTFE-coated double-head membrane pump
  • Integrated droplet separator
  • Gas wash bottle 2000 ml for cooling hot gases
  • Gas wash bottle 2000 ml for neutralizing
  • On/off switch outside hazard zone
  • Transparent safety door
  • Removable safety drip tray
  • Food analysis
  • Beverage industry
  • Feed analysis
  • Agricultural industry
  • Environmental analysis
  • Chemicals & plastics industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
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behrosog 3 Scrubber with suction pump (40 l/min), cooling level, neutralization level and drip catcher


Kjeldahl - Additional cooling system (ACS) - ACS [B00217927]


Additional cooling system for behrosog 3 for samples with high water content