behr PB-CSB 6/M, PB-CSB 12/M

COD complete system - Manual workstation COD digestion (Sample examples of a complete workstation (including transport stand for easy handling))
Areas of use

Environmental analysis - especially waste water & water

Parameter to be analyzed

COD value

Sample material

Waste waterSludge

COD digestion units PA-CSB/M for sample digestion

Device configurations for the simultaneous digestion of maximum 6 or 12 COD samples in acc. with DIN/DEV, EN and ISO. Manual dosing and titration.

A workstation contains the following components:

Micro-processor-controlled time and temperature control device TRS 300 with COD automatic.

Precision heating block CSB/E for reaction vessels RG 2

E/B insert and yoke type frame for reaction vessels RG2

KW/N cooling trough with holder and stand for E/B

Serial magnetic stirrer SM 12/N for insert / yoke-type frame E 12/B (only for PB-CSB 12/M)

Reaction vessels RG 2

Magnetic stirrer set MRST 2, 12 piece

Boiling stones SIST 100, content 100 g

COD air condenser LK1

Air condenser stand LS for COD air condenser LK

PTFE sleeves PTFE 29 for LK 1, set of 12 pc.

Transport stand TS CSB for insert / yoke-style frame E/B

Manual titration station HTI 1

  COD complete system - Manual workstation COD digestion (Sample examples of a complete workstation (including transport stand for easy handling)) - PB-CSB 6/M [B00218407] COD complete system - Manual workstation COD digestion (Sample examples of a complete workstation (including transport stand for easy handling)) - PB-CSB 12/M [B00218408]
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Complete COD workstation from metering to evaluation.

COD determination by titration method

The analysis takes place from sample preparation up to titration in the behrotest reaction vessel RG2.

The behr system has a cooling trough with submerged magnetic stirrers, only this way can optimal cooling be ensures when metering sulfuric acid (lower than 60 C°) and during recooling before titration.

Control device

The COD in the control device ensures the adherence of strictest specifications of ISO standards.

The control device is separated from the heating block and can therefore be operated from within or without the extractor.

International and national standards required that during COD determination, the sample reach a digestion temperature of 148 ±3 °C after inserting into the heating block within 10 minutes and then slightly boiling - without overheating - are further digested.

With the special COD automatic, only behr offers you the ability to correct the heating block temperature upward as well as downward. With this automatic function with integrated balancing of heat loss between heater and sample, behrotest® guarantee workstations standard-compliant digestion for COD determination.

Reaction vessels

Behr reaction vessels are precisely adapted to the dimensions of the heating block and ensure an optimum transfer of heat.

The reaction vessel GR2 with flat bottom ensure optimum mixture on the magnetic stirrer during cooling and titration.

The PTFE collars on the reaction vessels enable the simultaneously implementation of all reaction vessels in the cooling trough and heating block.

Heating blocks

The behrotest COD heating blocks have over pressure and drainage groove in the inside of the block. This prevents a "shooting up" with flat reaction vessels.


The metering funnel DT30 ensures that the sulfuric acid is dosed slowly and overheating is prevented.

The funnels can be filled with the aid of a dispenser.

Air condenser stand

Air condenser stand made of solid PVC with elastic damping rings.

Benefits: no glass breakage due to the elastic damping and drip-off rings.

Cooling trough

Made of glass-clear PVC, constant visual control of the mixture.

Cooling trough with draining rack, after removal, the water runs back into the cooling trough via the reaction vessels.

  • Environmental analysis - especially waste water & water
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PB-CSB 6/M COD workstations for COD determination, 6 samples
PB-CSB 12/M COD workstations for COD determination, 12 samples


Chemische Bestimmungen - Air cooler (LK_) - LK 1 [B00217868]

LK 1

COD air condenser
Chemische Bestimmungen - Reaction vessel (RG_) - RG 2 [B00217863]

RG 2

Reaction vessel with vessel adapter, NS 29 and 100 ml marking
Extraktion - Boiling stones (SIST) - SIST 100 [B00217914]

SIST 100

Boiling stones, 100 g
Chemische Bestimmungen - sleeves (PTFE) - PTFE 29 [B00217905]


PTFE sleeves RG 2, SR 2 and SR 2 Q, set of 12 pieces
Chemische Bestimmungen - Magnetic stirrer rods (MRST) - MRST 2 [B00217915]


Magnetic stirrer rod set with 12 pieces for RG
Chemische Bestimmungen - LGF 2000 - LGF 2000 [B00225419]

LGF 2000

Laboratory bottle, ISO thread, 2000 ml with graduation, for manual titration station HTI / STI